Who are you?

Is there anything so liberating as making a personal commitment to living an authentic life?

Sometimes people say I’m “too” intense. “Can we not just talk about simple things?”  

Well yes, of course we can. 

And, I am intensely interested in who people really are. I want to be known deeply by my small circle of friends, and I want to know each of them deeply too. I want to confess my innermost thoughts and be seen as I really am. I want to see people this way too. 

What makes you tick? 

What does your heart truly desire. 

Who are you without your story?

Who are you beyond any of the barometers society has put in place to judge your good enough-ness?

What does your soul dream of? 

What does your creative spirit yearn for?

Are you willing to be so vulnerable with another that you touch a deep level of human connection & true intimacy?

What is it that prevents you from allowing yourself to be truly seen as you are, witnessed and held by another who yearns to be witnessed and held by you?

We are so separate in our lives. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Liberation is waiting. 

Authenticity is the key that unlocks our deepest creative drive.

Who do you want to be?

Where are you truly showing up for yourself?

When are you saying no when you crave the courage to say YES!

When are you saying yes when your entire body knows you mean No.

Whose life is this anyway?

In to me I see.
In to me I let you see.
In to you I see.

Intimacy is the red pill that can never be untaken.