The Awakened Voice

It doesn’t come from the facilitator, it doesn’t come from the rest of the group, or any other outside source, it comes from deep within you. It is by turns the quiet whisper and the mighty roar of Truth that resides at the core of your being. The voice that needs above all others to be heard and expressed.

Can you imagine having full freedom of expression through singing and spoken word? What would change in your life if you were deeply connected to your inner voice and able to express your needs and desires clearly? Ask for what you want? Connect and listen deeply to the voice of your intuition? How would your relationships change? Your work life? Home life? Sex life?

Imagine being so attuned to your inner voice that life decisions were made based not on ‘should's' or ‘have to’s’ or old irrelevant tribal beliefs, or other people's opinion, but from a place of deep knowing and deep connection to your inner voice?

What would you do and who would you be with this freedom?

This is not only possible, it is yours for the taking.

No previous experience is required. This work invites you to experience your body as an instrument and connect with the physical sensations of sound in your body. It is as playful as it is profound and as naturally joyful as it is challenging.

You can sing, by the way. We all can. It is merely the extension of spoken sound through breath. Your soul has its own song and through this work, we begin the journey of unveiling this sacred self expression.

Uncovering this voice and finding full Trust in your Truth is one the greatest gifts you can give yourself.