About Jivani

Jivani is a Hindi word meaning ‘Becomes the Life’ or ‘Life Story’

Most of us know when yoga came into our lives. Whether it was parental influence or an accidental introduction, we can easily remember the first class we attended and what it was that hooked us in. What is not so easy, is determining when yoga stops being merely a physical practice, and becomes something much more.

There is an energy that comes through yoga and it is one of undeniable and unavoidable transformation. Asana tends to be the gateway; you might start off on the mat chasing the holy grail of open hamstrings, but somewhere along the line as the great sage Bill Hicks would say, your third eye starts to squidgy clean, you become aware of your conditioning and learned beliefs and see how many of them make no sense. Your world view changes and with it your relationships with your loved ones, your lifestyle and your self. Yogi’s invariably come into contact with many other healing arts that permeate their being and it becomes harder and less important to define exactly what yoga is. At some point yoga simply becomes your life. This is the essence of Jivani Yoga.

We offer Yoga Alliance registered 200 & 300/500hr residential Teacher Training programs in paradise locations. They are invitations to join a deeply connected community and to be completely immersed in a personal journey of yoga and healing. A chance to pause, reflect upon your path til now and if your soul asks for it, to change your life story. To find your voice and let your heart sing your deepest truth, far away from the limiting beliefs of the tribe. Open hamstrings may be optional, transformation is not.

The support to be your true authentic self while teaching yoga was a massive gift. The greatest gift we can give to the world is to come alive, and be ourselves in full expression, I uncovered. This course supports your authenticity, which cultivates growth in surprising, unpredictable areas. Ultimately, it’s an adventure of the soul.
— Glenn Dakers, New Zealand