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LEARN TO TEACH real yoga for ordinary people





Course Content


The Heart of Yoga lineage of Sri T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar has been passed directly to Emma Warmington from Mark Whitwell over the last 9 years. Experience Yoga as intimacy with yourself and asana, pranayama and meditation as one seamless process. You will learn Krishnamacharya's Principles of Practice to assess your own and your students needs and to adapt Yoga to meet those needs in one-on-one and specialist classes. Breath Initiating Movement is at heart of all practices. This is not 'inhale do this, exhale do this'; this is a powerful means of practicing whist entirely enveloped by the breath.  Whether Brahmana (energising, heating), Langhana (soothing, cooling) or blend, of the two, you will learn how to adapt Yoga to suit the needs of individuals even in a mixed level class.  


Without breath, there is no Yoga. With the breath, a world of subtle and not so subtle energies comes alive within us.  Asana as moving pranayama, meditation as an exquisite and effortless result, utter intimacy between body and breath.  There is nothing like it and if you have not yet experienced a dedicated practice of pranayama, this will be your time to become the scientist, the experiment, the subject matter and the results. Learn techniques to generate and manage your life force energy in entirely new ways.  Expect to practice at least an hour of pranayama techniques every day.  Only by practicing consistently can you begin to authentically experience the effects yourself and be ready to teach others.  

Embodied functional anatomy

Why do you struggle with certain poses when other people appear to move effortlessly into them? Primarily because of the shape of your bones. It’s the unspoken secret that Instagram doesn’t show. Your bones are the shape that they are. You will likely have some tension in your muscles but sooner or later we all hit compression of bone on bone and there is nowhere further to go. Accomplishing asana is the domain of the bodies which are suited to it, but what about the rest of us? And of course that’s really not what Yoga is about. You will see. The way we break this down couldn’t be clearer. Prepare to be liberated from any notion of not being good enough in your practice.


As always with Jivani Yoga, teaching practicums begin in module one. You will be teaching your peers from the first few days of the training and you will be nurtured, guided & supported with useful feedback, encouragement and leadership skills that will steadily increase your self-confidence and empower you be a great teacher. We have a method, but there is nothing formulaic about the way we train our teachers. Each trainee receives individualized support that is dependent upon their particular needs. Upon graduation, you will be ready to start teaching in your community. 


Inspired by the work of Marshall Rosenberg, learn about the universal needs that we all share, eg. connection, honesty, peace, meaning, recognition and to be known and understood, how to recognise these needs in ourselves and others and communicate them with compassion. Unfortunately many of us are unable to express our needs in a clear and peaceful way, and we all struggle as a result. We'll practice using the tools together to heighten connection, resolve conflict, increase empathy and create significance in our every day lives.


Deep self-enquiry is facilitated individually and through group circles and triads. Active listening and authentic sharing takes place within a supportive environment, creating a healing space of connection and community.  Truth speaking and being witnessed in that truth is a powerful medium of transformation.  If the idea of this feels you with dread, that is a normal response. If however a quiet part of you knows that your soul is calling for such deep connection, you are in the right place.


Poly-Vagal Theory, titration, settling the nervous system, bringing the body towards homeostasis in a gentle and trauma appropriate manner.  Restorative yoga for deep rest and relaxation. Much needed in a world of constant stimulation.


EFT or tapping is a fantastic tool to assist with expanding the edge of your comfort zone.  You will be lead through some group experiences of EFT and supported in continued self practice.


Marketing, Legalities & Ethics of Yoga Teachers, Insights, Inspiration and support in getting you started on the teaching path. 


You are willing to learn. You are willing to practice. You care about people. That’s essentially it.

This course is for those who are willing to explore the edge of their comfort zone and experience Yoga that does not look like ‘normal’ yoga. The training is non-formulaic, organic and adapts to meet the needs of the individuals in the group. We facilitate self exploration and enquiry to support the embodiment of Yoga as a practice of intimacy and receptivity to support your whole life, and ultimately a life path.  Students are required to show up and be fully present throughout. 

This course exceeds the requirements of Yoga Alliance.   Upon graduation, our trainees are eligible to register if they so choose.

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Option A. £2250 Early Bird. No Payment Plan

Non-refundable Deposit of £500 due upon acceptance to the course.

All monies must be paid by 29th November, 2019 or immediately upon acceptance to the course if after that date.

Option B. £2350 via Payment Plan up to 10 months

Non-refundable Deposit of £500 due upon acceptance to the course.

Payment Plan B is available for up to 10 months. Equal payments monthly via direct debit/standing order only please. All monies must be paid by 29th March, 2020.

Option C. £2500 via Payment Plan up to 13 months

Non-refundable Deposit of £500 due upon acceptance to the course.

Payment Plan C is available for up to 13 months. Equal payments monthly via direct debit/standing order only please. All monies must be paid by 30th June, 2020.


If you are accepted onto the course, a non refundable deposit of GBP500 is required immediately to secure your place.

The full balance for tuition is required as follows

Plan A. 29th November 2019

Plan B. 29th March 2020

Plan C. 30th June 2020 or immediately upon acceptance to the course.

We accept Transferwise, bank transfers and PayPal.

If you withdraw from the training for any reason on or before 29th March 2020 (the end of Module 1) you will receive a refund of tuition fees minus the non-refundable deposit and all bank fees involved in the transactions. If you withdraw 30th March or after, no refunds will be given.