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this training has been withdrawn pending reformat and relocation.

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are you ready to go deep?


We are talking deep into practice and we don't mean fancy asana. 

When we say 'deep' we refer to a journey of exploration and embodiment through the traditional practices of Tantric Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Kriya, Meditation and Mantra with Somatic Movement, Transformational Voice Work, Nada Yoga, and Compassionate Communication.

Awaken · Heal · Transform 

Awaken to your fullest potential, Heal through self compassion & understanding and Transform into the fearless, purposeful being you are when limiting beliefs are dissolved.  This course is a transformational journey of self-discovery, deep connection and authentic sharing. You will be guided and supported in identifying and transcending limiting beliefs, connecting with your personal power and discovering your authentic voice. From this place of radical honesty and vulnerability, you will develop your personal practice, connect deeply with yourself and the group, and radically enhance your teaching skills.

We incorporate teachings from the lineages of Heart of Yoga from TKV Desikachar & Mark Whitwell and The Science of Chakra Yoga from Swami Gitananda & David Goulet as well as passionate sharings from the personal Yoga journeys of each of the teachers.   


Pranayama · Meditation · Chakra Yoga · Nada Yoga · Voice Work · 

EFT · Trauma Informed Yoga & Polyvagal Theory · 

Transpersonal Circle work · Mindfulness · Embodied Anatomy ·  

Somatic Movement and The Feldenkrais Method® 

Ayurveda · Restorative Yoga · Compassionate Communication · 

Kirtan & Dance Mandala. 


We invite applications from students who have completed a 200hr Yoga teacher training program. Applications from students who are not certified but have a dedicated practice of three years or more with extensive workshop attendance and self study will be considered on a case by case basis.

If you hold a 200hr certificate but have not yet been teaching, you are welcome here! We will help you find what has been holding you back, slay your demons and get out there sharing your knowledge. The world needs your offering. All hands on deck!  



This course is for those who are willing to explore the edge of their comfort zone and Yoga beyond asana.

Classes contain breath, movement, sound, silence and stillness and we will show you how to adapt your classes to individual needs based on age, body type and life circumstances.  This message is the lineage of TKV Desikachar's Heart of Yoga and we passionately pass it forward.  The training will enable you to teach far beyond the average level of skill in standardised yoga classes, enabling you to work with individuals and bring Yoga to people who otherwise may never have access to the teachings and at the same time bring something new to a veteran vinyasa teacher.  There is magic to be found in the traditional Heart of Yoga teachings and there are currently not nearly enough people sharing them. 

The training is non-formulaic, organic and adapts to meet the needs of the individuals in the group. The schedule is intensive and will be both physically and emotionally demanding and requires students to show up and be fully present throughout. 


Teaching Team

Emma Warmington, Laurence Gilliot & Tara Eden


Support Team

Sophie Johnson & Hannah Armstrong

Course Content

Heart of Yoga

The Heart of Yoga lineage of Sri T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar has been passed directly to Emma from Mark Whitwell over the last 8 years. Experience Yoga as intimacy with yourself and asana, pranayama and meditation as one seamless process. You will learn Krishnamacharya's Principles of Practice to assess your own and your students needs and to adapt Yoga to meet those needs in one-on-one and specialist classes. Breath Initiating Movement is at heart of all practices. This is not 'inhale do this, exhale do this' this is a powerful means of practicing whist entirely enveloped by the breath.  Whether Brahmana (energising, heating), Langhana (soothing, cooling) or blend of the two, you will learn how to adapt yoga to suit the needs of the individuals even in a mixed level class.  

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without breath, there is no yoga

With the breath, a world of subtle and not so subtle energies come alive within us.  Asana as moving pranayama, meditation as an exquisite and effortless result, utter intimacy between body and breath.  There is nothing like it and if you have not yet experienced a dedicated practice of pranayama, this will be your time to become the scientist, the experiment, the subject matter and the results. Learn techniques to generate and manage your life force energy in entirely new ways.  Expect to practice at least an hour of pranayama techniques every day.  Only by practicing consistently can you begin to authentically experience the effects yourself and be ready to teach others.  

Upon Certification, you will be ready to bring pranayama into your asana classes and to offer specialist breath workshops in your community.

Meditation & Mindfulness

During this training, we will practice the Art of mindfulness and taste its healing impact on our life. We will explore the relationship between our body, thoughts and emotions and how we can transform negative patterns. We will dive deep into the practice of sitting and walking meditation and applied mindfulness in everyday life.  In asana classes you will experience meditation as the gift that arises when Yoga is practiced.


Somatic movement and The Feldenkrais Method®

An introduction to The Feldenkrais Method® - a neuromuscular re-education system and a fascinating and remarkable approach to movement, self-learning and positive change. 

We will first explore Awareness Through Movement lessons as tools for improving clarity, mobility and ease in our bodies, relieving tension, anchoring us to the present moment and to deepen our understanding of embodiment. 

We will explore functional linkages between our moving parts that help deepen our understanding and vocabulary of anatomy.

As we begin to recognize our own postural habits that create limitations in our asana practice, so will we fine-tune our ability to observe them in our students. We will work to enhance our teaching abilities through the refinement of our own body and sensory awareness. Students will have the opportunity to play with how they could incorporate somatic work into their teaching to promote a more wholistic, sensory experience in their classes. 


Voice work, Nada Yoga and Kirtan

Find, explore and liberate your authentic voice through voice exercises, toning and singing.

Nada Yoga, the Yoga of Sound, invites you to experience your body as an instrument and connect with the physical sensations of sound in your body. Kirtan is the singing of Sanskrit mantras in a call and response style and is a joyous path to pure bliss. We will raise the roof on a weekly kirtan session whilst encouraging those of who hear a quiet whisper about leading a chant to step up.  Bring your instruments with you or we'll be your band.

I hadn’t realised how deeply entrenched the fear of my own voice had become until I did voice work sessions with Emma.
The transformation was astounding – I barely recognised myself.

I was my better self, a liberated self, the self I always wanted to be!
— Julie French, Level 1 Graduate, Scotland

You can sing, by the way. We all can. It is merely the extension of spoken sound through breath. Your soul has its own song and through the voice work sessions, we will begin to unveil this sacred self expression. Can you imagine having full freedom of expression through speaking and singing? What would change in your life if you were deeply connected to your inner voice and able to express your needs and desires clearly? Ask for what you want? Connect and listen deeply to the voice or your intuition? How would your relationships change?  Your work life? Home life? Sex life? What if you made decisions based not on 'shoulds' or other people's opinion of you but from a place of deep connection to your inner voice? What would you do and who would you be with this freedom? This is not only possible, it's yours for the taking. 


This work will show you things about yourself that you may have long since forgotten. It is powerful, it is potent, and it is only for the brave. 


Compassionate Communication

Inspired by the work of Marshall Rosenberg, learn how we all have the same basic emotional needs eg. connection, honesty, peace, meaning, recognition and to be known and understood. Unfortunately many of us are unable to express our needs in a clear and peaceful way, and we all struggle as a result. We'll practice using the tools together to heighten connection, resolve conflict, increase empathy and create significance in our every day lives.

This training teaches about Connection, Community, Love, Vulnerability. It brings together so many techniques for Transformation, Healing & Awakening.

This training will change your life forever.
— Raphael, Level 2 Graduate, Mexico

Circle work

Deep self-enquiry is facilitated individually and through group circles and triads. Active listening and authentic sharing takes place within a supportive environment, creating a healing space of connection and community.  Truth speaking and being witnessed in that truth is a powerful medium of transformation.  If the idea of this feels you with dread, that is a normal response, if the notion seems ridiculous to you, maybe this is not the right training for you. If however a quiet part of you knows that your soul is calling for such deep connection, you are in the right place.



We will learn about the Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda applied to our modern times.

After introducing the general principles and discovering Doshas, we will look through the lens of Ayurveda to offer Yoga practices that bring balance and health to ourselves and meet the needs of our students in an individualised manner.


Teaching practicums

Ongoing teaching practicums give you the opportunity to identify your habits and develop your teaching style. You will receive individualised feedback from teachers and peers throughout to support you as you refine your teaching.  Before joining the training, you will be asked to self assess your current teaching abilities and identify areas were you see opportunities for growth. We will adapt teaching challenges to suit your needs and take you as close to your teaching edge as you dare to go. 


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Chakra Yoga and Yantra Yoga

We share teachings from the lineage of Swami Gitananda as learned from David Goulet. Explore the subtle energies of the chakras and discover Yantra Yoga, the sacred geometry system based on the psychology of the chakras. This is shared as a tool for greater understanding of where our beliefs and behaviors come from and how we can balance and align our energies for a more harmonious life.


Restorative & Trauma informed Yoga

Poly -Vagal Theory, titration, settling the nervous system, bringing the body towards homeostasis in a gentle and trauma appropriate manner.  Restorative yoga for deep rest and relaxtion. Much needed in a world of constant stimulation.


Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT or tapping is a fantastic tool to assist with expanding the edge of your comfort zone.  You will be lead through some group experiences of EFT and supported in continued self practice.


Dance Mandala

Dance Mandala is a transformational movement meditation, an authentic and intelligent movement playground. It provides the freedom to express and explore within an intuitive structure. It is optional and offered outside of normal class hours.


Business of Yoga

Marketing, Legalities & Ethics of Yoga Teachers, Insights, Inspiration and support in designing your own courses, workshops, and retreats.  We will help you to find your niche, target your area and build up your classes.


To say this training was a transformational journey for me, is an understatement”.
— Deearnah De Marco, Level 2 Graduate, Australia

Sample Schedule

07.00 – 10.00 Morning session: Asana, Pranayama, Mantra and Meditation

10.00 – 11.00 Breakfast and morning break

11.00 – 13.00 Mid session: Theory, advanced methodology

13.00 – 16.00 Lunch and afternoon break

16.00 – 18.30 Afternoon session: Asana, teaching practice, Circle work

We will meet some evenings for Yin practice, Kirtan, Dance Mandala and film showings.

When you join Jivani Yoga, you are joining a community that will forever be there to fall back on. This training exceeded my expectations and fostered so much self-love. I can honestly say it has been one of the most rewarding personal growth opportunities of my life.”
— Jodie Eleanor, Canada