The Heart of Yoga

with mark whitwell & Emma WarMington

flow studio, 52a hill street, cathedral quarter, belfast

13th to 15th December 2019

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Human suffering is trying to be something that you are not. We are all the power of this cosmos arising as pure intelligence and utter beauty in perfect intrinsic harmony. This simple fact must be taken seriously and sincerely as a fact, so that the Yogas of participation may begin. “
— Mark Whitwell

the yoga of participation

It has been a long time dream of Emma’s to bring her beloved teacher and friend, Mark Whitwell to her homeland Northern Ireland. We are giddy with delight that it’s finally happening. Join Emma & Mark for this 3 day immersion into the Heart of Yoga in the Heart of Belfast.

The Body loves it’s Breath. That is all. No pushing, no striving, no attaining, no building to poses. No struggling to get somewhere as though you are not somewhere. Simple, receptive Participation of the full body with breath. The practical means of Participation in life as it is given. This is the Yoga of Intimacy; The Heart of Yoga.

Mark Whitwell is a rare breed indeed as he represents a particular niche these days - Yoga with a capital Y. Approximately 80% of yoga being taught in studios around the world is a derivative of the teachings of Pattabhi Jois or BKS Iyengar. Both studied with their teacher Krishnamacharya as young men and went on to popularise yoga as many know it around the world. These teachings are not from Jois or Iyengar, rather they are direct from Krishnamacharya and his son TKV Desikachar at a time in life when Krishnamacharya had himself been influenced by the man he called the greatest Yogi he had ever met, UG Krishnamurti. Mark Whitwell was fortunate to spend time with both Krishnamacharya and UG Krishnamurti and TKV Desikachar was his teacher for decades. Mark has dedicated his life to sharing these teachings around the world.

We are devoted and honoured lineage holders for this Great Tradition and it is an extraordinary pleasure to bring Mark to his ancestral homeland, and our Motherland to share his loving wisdom.

This is Mark’s first visit to Ireland and interest in this workshop has been exceptionally high. Book your place below.

13th - 15th December, 2019
10.00am - 1.00pm
2.30pm - 5.30pm
Investment £290

Flow Studio
52a Hill Street
Cathedral Quarter

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This workshop is non refundable after 18th October, 2019
Cancellation fee until 18th October - £75
Transferable to a friend until 18th October - £25


An Evening with Mark Whitwell

Thursday 12th December, Book directly via the link below.