When I think back of the Costa Rica Jivani Yoga Teacher Training 2017, I have in some aspects started to divide my life into pre-training and post-training. When I decided to take the training I knew it would be challenging – and I was right, but in other ways than I´d expected. It ended up being revolutionary for not only me as a teacher, but also for me as a person.

Emma is a very charismatic and knowledgable teacher. Together with her well chosen team she provided support, new insights, space for personal growth and many, many laughs. I appreciated their ”down to earth” attitude towards yoga. Yoga isn’t about being fancy, yoga is about intimacy with oneself and the capability of being intimate with others and life itself. The asana practices felt safe and so did the rest of our gatherings, whether we were having sharing circles, sang together or danced.

Today, I’m out teaching real yoga. Only a couple days after the training was finished I held my first class and it was a (shaky) success. One beautiful thing with this trainings is that you get to practice actual teaching and not just how to teach without putting it in action. I could never have done it without all the love and help from Emma, the team and all the other students. I’ve had the privilege to still have them with me on my continuing journey, even though our Costa Rica month is over they still function as a great support for me with endless of wisdom and encouragement .

Looking back at it, the training might be the best investment I’ve ever made for myself. I’m forever thankful for my participation and so happy that I took the risk of going, even though the idea of a teacher training really frightened me. As I’ve already told my friends: If you get the chance – just go!
— Elina Lejerbäck, Level 1 Graduate, Sweden
It is hard to put my experience with Emma and the Jivani team into words. It seems as though there are a million Yoga Teacher Trainings out there these days and there is no doubt in my mind I found a program that is unique and stands out from the others.

Emma is an outstanding teacher - she shares her wealth of knowledge in a way that is real, lively, funny and engaging. She is very sensitive to the energy of the group and somehow creates a perfect balance of rest and relaxation time while still being effective in keeping the learning and momentum moving forward. Having time off on the weekends to check out the cute little beach town of Tamarindo created a delightful balance of “real world” time amidst our intensive experience together.

In terms of teaching, I exceeded my hopes for how I would feel at the end of the training. Within the first few days we were already practicing teaching each other poses and small sequences. The program left me feeling prepared, capable and confident to enter the world of teaching - which is a pretty amazing feat considering how afraid I was at the beginning. The practices, activities and reflection time are all so thoughtfully designed to help you work through any barriers that might be standing between you and teaching.

The biggest shift in my own yoga practice was releasing yet another layer of what Yoga ‘should’ look like. I have always been more interested in the breath and body movement than anything else; however, after this training I now understand the value of slowing down and listening to, and honouring my own unique body’s needs. Committing to my daily practice has become easier now that I listen more to what I need on each day; it feels good to practice in this way so I want to do it, rather than having to forcing myself to do it.

The connections and personal transformation that inevitably evolve from a month in tropical jungle paradise together are one of the most potent parts of the training. It was such a gift to be in the presence of so many kind, strong, inspired and supportive people. I still feel a strong sense of love and support from our intimate group. It was pure magic.”
— Heather Haine, Level 1 Graduate, Canada
When I think of the Costa Rica Jivani Yoga teacher training, my mind instantly travels to a place of love, peace and support (and paradise of course!). What Emma offers is more than just a teacher training. She has created a journey that allows you to touch the inner depths of your soul. She brings it all together - the energy, amazingly knowledgeable co-teachers, a safe space for growth and learning, love and laughter, and lessons that will impact not only your approach to teaching but your life as well.

The yoga that Emma embodies, Heart of Yoga offers the opportunity to develop intimacy with yourself through breath. That practice alone has been life changing. To now be able to offer that healing style to others and guide them to curiously explore their own body is truly the gift of this teacher training.

Emma looks at healing and personal development from all angles - through breath and movement, through therapeutic touch, through communication, by becoming in touch with your feminine side, and by finding and speaking your truth.

This teacher training has prepared me, often a bundle of nerves, to step forth into the world and deliver this style of yoga. Through her training she slowly builds your confidence through a series of graduated activities, that ensures that have a solid knowledge base and are psychologically prepared to put yourself out there. And the support does not end when the training does. When you join Jivani Yoga, you are joining a community that will forever be there to fall back on. This training exceeded my expectations and fostered so much self-love. I can honestly say it has been one of the most rewarding personal growth opportunities of my life.”
— Jodie Ellenor, Level 1 Graduate, Canada
I hadn’t realised how deeply entrenched the fear of my own voice had become until I did voice work sessions with Emma as part of my 200hr YTT.

At 40 years old, rather than overcome my fears of public speaking I had developed clever strategies of avoidance. I wanted to teach yoga, but I couldn’t stand up and talk in front of people – what on earth was I thinking!? With Emma’s warm-hearted support and guidance I was gradually able break down my fear. Emma introduced me to tools and techniques that helped me cope with my fear and before I knew it I was leading guided meditations, teaching asana, and singing kirtan in front of the group.

The transformation within 4 weeks was astounding – I barely recognised myself. I was my better self, a liberated self, the self I always wanted to be! I am now teaching my own weekly yoga classes in the Highlands of Scotland and not a day goes by where I don’t feel gratitude to Emma and the magic she weaved.”
— Julie French, Level 1 Graduate, Scotland
The Heart of Yoga lineage which is taught by Emma is the purest form of yoga I have ever experienced. This is the yoga the world and everyone of us needs. The yoga takes away everything that is not useful for you and focuses on your connection with yourself, on true intimacy with yourself.

I never imagines how much power would lie behind the voice work I experienced with Emma. It moved something deep within me and I was able to communicate things which I have never been able before.

Emma is a wonderful teacher and a woman I truly admire and fully trust. Her outgoing, passionate and understanding personality makes it easy to talk to her, even about topics that might be hard or embarrassing in the beginning.”
— Elli Reichl, Level 1 Graduate, Germany
Having read and watched the testimonials of past Jivani teacher trainings, I knew how transformational these trainings could be. However nothing really prepares you for this kind of freedom of expression and growth. Emma is a revolutionary teacher. Her vast knowledge and experience of yoga allows her to share with passion and truth. She is so real and so honest that you can’t help but let yourself be fully seen too. The Jivani team hold a space that enables you to feel safe enough to break, to feel loved, accepted and supported through the ups and downs of transformation and growth.

Before the course I didn’t know who I was as a teacher. I lacked confidence in my own abilities, my knowledge and felt uninspired to teach. Emma, Poncho and Laurence supported me in finding my voice and gifts as a teacher and a woman. I learned to love my body in the therapeutic expression of movement I found in Dance Mandala. I rediscovered my love of singing in our weekly kirtan sessions and my relationship to yoga as practice on and off the mat has reached a whole new level.

Whether you are an experienced teacher or newly graduated, the Jivani team create this totally supportive, organic space to let go of anything that isn’t serving you, so you can be the best and most authentic soul and teacher you can be. You will never be the same again.”
— Corinne Beinke, Level 2 Graduate, Australia
This training was a gift of grace. I truly feel that grace brought me to this specific group of teachers and students. I could not have asked for a more harmonious concoction of beings. The entire training permeated with love, joy, laughter, and life-changing growth.

Emma is PRESENT. This is her gift as a teacher. Every time she taught, she was fresh, alive, full of excitement, humor, and authenticity. If you want to experience a humble teacher as she moves you graciously through asana, meditation, chanting, heart-opening discussions, you will be blown away. I am unconditionally grateful for this experience. I feel that it encouraged me to express myself, to find my deepest expression of myself and show that to the world. I was challenged at times (from a place of tough love), to go inwards and open places within myself that were covered by fear. I was challenged to come into my power and break through the barriers to my own Divinity. Most of all, I was challenged by the constantly increasing amount of love on all sides of me, by my teachers, fellow trainees, and the abundance of love inside of myself that I was just discovering.

This training allowed me to flourish into myself more fully. To believe in my ability to teach and empower others. To share my voice, my gifts, my heart. To continuously challenge myself to deepen into my practice in whatever form that means for me. I am teaching now and feel deeply grateful to all my teachers who have guided me along this path.
— Samantha Defeo, Level 1 Graduate, NYC
The Jivani Level 2 Teacher Training is the best teacher training that I can think of. I learned so much about alignment, anatomy, asana, new breathing techniques, adjustments and yoga therapeutics. At the same time I went through a big personal transformation. I developed my personality, I found my voice and one of the most important things: I met amazing, inspiring and wonderful people. I feel so ready to go out and teach and share everything I have learned here. The team were awesome and I could not have wished for more skilled, inspiring, compassionate and authentic teachers. I would recommend this training to anyone who is looking for an experience that will probably change their life. Thank you!”
— Anja Maier, Level 2 Graduate, Thailand
This training has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life. I came here on the eve of my 60th birthday with the desire to uncover and discover. The training has rekindled my passion for life – teaching – community – family – friendship – & Oh, that’s Yoga!!
I love Jivani Yoga!”
— Jami Peurala, Level 2 Graduate, USA
Emma and the Jivani team are quite simply and humbly ‘Medicine for the people’. Authentic, Compassionate, Knowledgeable, refreshingly real and fun.

From day one I got what I came there for, I was asked how far I would like to go and lead directly to where I needed to open and grow. I felt challenged but also completely held, welcomed and loved for myself as I was. This process happened with loads of support and compassion not only from the teachers but the whole group.

Be ready for your heart to open, to make life long friends from all over the world in a location that is simply heaven. For me there was the perfect balance of study and down time to breathe, connect with others, myself and take in what was happening.

Not only did I leave this training feeling fully confident and excited to teach Yoga, I also opened up in so many other ways. Embracing past traumas, clearly seeing them not as something I need to let go of, but as my medicine to share with others.

The only way this training could have been improved was if it was 6 weeks longer. It was hard to leave our love bubble.

I am so full of Grace and Gratitude for this experience.”
— Deearnah De Marco, Level 2 Graduate, Australia
A group of teachers like no other. Diverse and powerful, they held me in this space and helped me discover the fire that lives within me. I am in gratitude forever for this unexpected journey to the truth of my heart.”
— Anabel Miranda, Level 2 Graduate, Panama.
Life always gives us some challenges as an opportunity for growth. It’s so rewarding when we are able to face our fears and step into them, not allowing them to take over. For all my life I was afraid to speak in public, to be seen, to make visible mistakes, to be imperfect, to play music, to sing. This yoga teacher training has been a real life changing experience, allowing me to find my voice as a teacher and finally speak up, sharing my truth. It made me realise that I kept saying “no” when life was giving me opportunities to make my dreams come true, as I was feeling not good enough, not ready enough. Over the past 2 months I had to face all my fears and was given an opportunity to say “yes” – through teaching yoga, singing mantras and playing harmonium in front of supportive group of friends. I could finally open up, change this cycle and overcome my fears. We are capable of doing whatever we want! We just need to allow ourselves to make that first step (and that’s the hardest part), after that everything seems to be much easier. I’m so grateful for this experience. No words can describe that feeling in me. I’m a different person. There is no measure for the growth that has happened. Thank you!”
— Aleksandra Moren, Level 1 Graduate, London
When I think back on the time throughout the training, the first word that comes to mind is love. Love for the experience and for my whole self… body, mind, and spirit. Emma held the space so well that I felt comfortable to go to places that I didn’t even know existed within myself. Not only was it the amazing, super informative yoga classes, but it was the weekly surprises that made it so exciting. I woke up grateful every single day to be in such beautiful surroundings with amazing people to go through the transformation together. I now feel the love that I always thought was there and Emma and her team gave me the confidence to let it shine. With their guidance, I was able to dive deep and really find my true essence. I am confident to share the knowledge I learned with others in a safe and peaceful environment. This training is something I will hold with me for the rest of my life.”
— Michelle Mortensen, Level 1 Graduate, USA
The 200 hour YTTC that I did with Jivani Yoga on Koh Phangan was literally life-changing. I went because I wanted to learn how to safely teach yoga but I got so much more out it: a loving, nurturing community who embraced each other and the journey that we were on and instruction from some of the best yoga teachers in the world who understand that yoga is more than just a physical practice. Since leaving the community that we created, I’ve drawn on the skills of compassionate communication and self-knowledge and acceptance that we cultivated in the program. Not only that, but the high-standards of the teaching practicum of course made me feel confident to go out and immediately start teaching. Thank you Emma, Poncho, and Laurence for the home that you made and the wisdom that you shared!”
— Aireanne Hjelle, Level 1 Graduate, Colombia
This course was the most amazing form of self work I’ve ever done in my entire life. A key to being an ideal yoga teacher is working on yourself, always. This course breaks through barriers, helps you to communicate in your relationships, teaches you self empowerment as well as self-love. You will feel confident in your ability to teach by the end of this course, Emma is known for her in depth knowledge on alignment and cues, which are the skills required to make teaching yoga a reality in the western world. If you want the perfect mixture of spirituality, soul-searching and technical knowledge, please take this course.”
— Cailey Stables, Level 1 Graduate, Canada
You may hear words like transformation and awesome. It’s important to understand when they actually mean something very real. Getting right to the heart of habits and conditioning takes time and effort, and in this context the change can really happen. Being in a community is something that allowed me to develop parts of myself that I hadn’t even realized were crying out to be seen, and to experience a cleansing dharma. Be ready for change! Also be ready to get taken on a fun, emotional, educational rollercoaster ride with some of the nicest people you will ever meet (including yourself). And be prepared to surprise yourself with the gifts that will get coaxed out of you. If you have doubts about whether you think you can survive the course or have the right to teach yoga (like I did), suspend them. Getting as far as arriving is probably the biggest challenge you will face.”
— Yan White, Level 1 & 2 Graduate, London