Authenticity, you see...

I spent a weekend in December unpacking my own shame with The Daring Way facilitators Ade Adeniji & Darren Brady who have been trained by Brené Brown. On the last day, they asked us all to create something to share at the end of the workshop. After much ferocious resistance, this is what came out.

I'm including these photos because I can see my freshly shattered heart so clearly in my eyes in the first one. I can see my grief worn, utterly broken self in the grips of PTSD 16 months later in the second one, and I can see my light back so strongly 8 months later in the third.

I made it. Should you ever find yourself on such a journey, so will you.

Deep Breath.

Authenticity to me is being seen just as I am
And there’s nothing ‘just’ about me by the way, that word’s a sham
I bring together people from all walks of life to heal
They have to do the tricky work themselves though, that’s the deal

I’ve had my own ass kicked a fair few times along the way
And that will carry on as sure as night will follow day
We’ll all be dead soon that’s the truth so let's create and play
Step into the Arena too or blessings on your way

I’m showing up, I’m being seen, I’m braving my own path
I’ve tamed my inner jackal and embodied my giraffe
There’s a movement, and we’re in it with this gnarly truthful dance
So commit to dancing with us, or thank you in advance

I’ve got this boundary down now. I’m polite but very clear
Get down and dirty in the mud, be honest with your fear
Take off your mask, roll up your sleeves, remove and drop your pride
You do not get to join us by spectating on the side

I got good at self compassion but I lost some self respect
Addiction crept it’s way back in, self care turned self neglect
I didn’t fight this fall I had, or expect it to be brief
Oh I got down and rumbled with depression and with grief

The dark side’s pretty dark you know but I survived the pain
Against the odds at times, I’m here, I learned to thrive again
I did not fade away you see or whatever some were hoping
I fell, I broke, I healed, I rose, and my lion heart is open.

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